A good morning indeed. #takingtallulah

#takingtallulah day 1

Road trip 🚗

Hashtag to be announced. #⃣

Okay, okay. This is this last of my posts of this nook. I’m sorry. I just can’t handle it! 🙊 (at Diamond Oaks Treehouse)

I’ve never had a way with words. (at Diamond Oaks Treehouse)

Nothing says good morning like a well lit nook and coffee. ☕️ (at Diamond Oaks Treehouse)

Yo, Jax! Where’s our walk-up Mcdonalds window!? (at Savannah Georgia USA)

This magical weekend would have been nothing without this lovely girl keeping a smile on my face. From having breakfast made in the morning, to watching hours of Teen Nick at night, we laughed through it all. You will be missed, Savannah. (at Savannah Georgia USA)